I hope you guys enjoy this post because it cost me a $75 parking ticket! On the plus-side, I absolutely love having a car to roam the side-streets of Chi-town. There’s definitely not a shortage in colorful pockets, and unique passages. I always find myself wandering off the beaten (or paved) path to find some Chicago charm! Luckily, my photographer, Kevin (aka: my incredibly supportive boyfriend) is always up for the challenge. We’ll get lost in the streets, and pick out our favorite abodes to live in one day — the ultimate daydream fairytale. Like anything in life, you’ve got to roam a little wider to explore! Sure, Millennium Park is amazing, but there’s so much more to this city than the tourist (beautiful tourist) traps we all know and love. To be completely honest, I’m not even sure where this was taken, but as soon as I saw the color, I knew this was it. I’m always looking for color.


Skirt: Sister Jane |  Top: Topshop (in green and white) | Shoes: Steve Madden Stecy | Purse | Sunglasses | Earrings | Lipstick

Maybe it’s the floral print/charm, but I envision myself endlessly twirling around in a big field of sunflowers with this gorgeous Sister Jane skirt. It’s simple, colorful, chic & light. With summer rapidly passing through (tears) it’s the perfect addition to your summer adventures. Whether you’re picking up some fresh fruits at the farmers market, or attending your BFF’s wedding shower — it will definitely keep you cool & fashionable. I’m usually not one to be matchy-matchy, but this crochet Topshop halter was too good to pass up. (They also have it in white) I’m always looking to spice up my wardrobe, and add unique pieces that aren’t like the other. Add some color to your world! XX



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I am so excited — I’m about to head to my favorite place in the world for a much needed vacation! The lake house! I’m such a simple girl at heart, I swear. Hand me a pair of flip-flops, a floppy hat, and beer: I’m one very happy girl. It’s about 30 minutes outside Traverse City, and it’s the most charming little town you have ever seen! This is my favorite ice-cream shop in town (I mean, come on!) Paint the walls pink, and I’ll be right over! For those of you that are familiar with the glove, I’m headed to Frankfort, Michigan to be exact. Make sure to follow along on Instagram for some sunny-packed action! (Shop my favorite lake-house essentials below) 

It’s been quite the week at Heart of Chic — I announced that I’ll be contributing to Ashley Tisdale’s new site, (It launches today!!!!), I’m a regular contributor to the Glitter Guide & Whitney Port. I’m keeping busy over here, I’ll tell you that much! Also: My website was down this morning, and for all my bloggers (business owners, too!) — It was quite the scary process. Grateful to be back up and running, so I can enjoy my vacation! Cheers! XX

PS: I lost over 3,000 photos from my iPhone this week, so I’m all about the throwback disposable cameras! (Sometimes, I yearn for the old school, and despise technology) — Isn’t this underwater one cool? I can’t wait to snap some pics on the lake!

1. Indigo Paisley Mini Dress from Resolve 2. Tropicana Towel 3. Revolve Alex Sandal 4. Nordstrom ping pong game 5. Remote Ban.Do charger 6. Lilly Pulitzer Tumber 7. Flamingo pool float (Here’s a full list!) 8. Beach Body Oil 9. Lilly Pulitzer Beach Tote 10. chiller 11. Beach, please iPhone case 12. Starfish Necklace 13. Portable speakers water resistant 14. Superstars Harvest Revolve frames 15. Disposable waterproof camera 

ashley tisdale

I’ve been waiting months to tell you guys the exciting news! I’m going to be writing for Ashley Tisdale’s,! (Cue the party emojis) I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up with this girl (well, practically speaking!) so I’m super honored to be part of this amazing collective. The Haute Mess will empower women in their 20’s and 30’s, while helping navigate through the craziness. For those of you that follow along regularly, you know I love sharing all things motivation (with a side of fashion, of course!) Bonus: We’ll be sharing the fails, too — not everything is perfect (aka: Instagram life). You’re going to see it all! In the words of Ashley, ‘The Haute Mess is celebrating imperfection and figuring out life together, but admittedly a HAUTE MESS while doing so’. Stay tuned for how-to-guides, stories, interviews, career advice, food, home, fashion — Ashley’s got it all! (PS: Did you see her new hair? Obsessed!) I’m looking forward to contributing alongside some amazing creatives, and Mrs. Tisdale herself!) #ImAHauteMess

the haute mess

Launch is just a couple days away, so make sure to follow along on Instagram, and keep your eyes open for greatness

ashley tisdale the haute mess

PS: This was the highlight of my week — Ashley Tisdale following Heart of Chic on Facebook! Let’s pop open the champagne!