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I am having a serious ‘spring moment’ on the blog today. Chicago is finally warming up (and when I say warming up, I’m talking 30’s) — Yes, we are excited for the 30 degree weather! That’s 60 degrees above what we have been experiencing as of late. The Winter’s are long here, very long — So, I decided to post a ‘spring preview’ on the blog today. It just gives me hope that we’re almost through the worst. There are a lot of trends on deck for this coming season, but my personal favorite is outerwear. Every shape, color and texture you could imagine! Check-out these fringed-coats that are definitely on my wish-list. Tell me: What are you excited to break-out post winter?

Outfit details: Coat: (similar here, here & here) | Jeans: Zara (similar here – under $60) | White blouse (I love this one, and this one) | Headband: Francesca’s (similar here — always a ton in store) | Shoes: Michael Antonio (similar here) | Ring: Forever 21 | Sunglasses




It’s that time of year again, where all of the slackers (ahem, me) make up for lost time in the fitness department. For a little extra push to the gym, I’m giving myself some motivation. This peanut butter banana-nut smoothie is literally 4 ingredients, and tastes just like a milkshake (trust me, I would know). Here’s the thing: I hate working out, and I hate eating healthy — What I’m slowly learning is: healthy can mean delicious, and working-out can be fun.  I’m going to join fun fitness classes, and experiment with healthy recipes, because they’re definitely out there! I’m a newbie in the kitchen, so this smoothie recipe is where I’ll start! It’s boyfriend-approved, too! Tell me below, what are some of your favorite (easy) recipes out there? I have to start somewhere! XX

{Recipe: Prep Time (5 minutes)|

-1 banana
-4 ice cubes
-2 teaspoons of hemp powder (or protein powder) *optional
-2 teaspoons of peanut butter
-1 teaspoon of honey
-1 cup of low fat milk
-whip cream *optional (but you know I added some!)

{Recipe: Prep Time 5 minutes}

blend all of your ingredients well, and add sliced nuts to complete!

bow fashion

Aren’t bows the best? They’re the grand finale to most outfits — and a girly punch for the ultimate detail. I can’t get enough of this Badgley Mischka Collection dress via Shopbop. (It has me dreaming of summer, sipping on wine somewhere fabulous). I am a sucker for dainty-detail. What are some of your mini-obsessions? Comment below! XX

1. Sophie Hulme Bag 2. Mini bow necklace 18k gold 3. Oscar de la Renta Earrings 4. Bow flip-flops (ah, a few more months, Chicago!) 5. Salvatore Ferragamo clutch 6. Marc Jacobs bracelet 7. Badgley Mischka Collection Dress 8. Forever 21 Gloves 9. Bow hair-clip 10. Floppy hat 11. Marc Jacobs barrette 12. Bow clip set 13. Kate Spade headband 14. Ring set

Shop by Category: Bow Dresses | Bow Jewelry | Bow Bags | Bow Accessories









Hi, loves! I think I have finally de-thawed from Chicago’s Polar Vortex — We dipped to negative 30 wind chills, and I walk to work! I wanted to take the week, reflect and figure out my next steps with this lovely blog of mine! Sometimes, we all need to detach, and do some soul searching. I have some big plans this year, so I hope you all follow along on this exciting journey!

Over the holidays, I enjoyed some time in Frankfort, Michigan. It’s one of my favorite places to escape to, and I’m always down for a road trip! I took these photos at Crystal Mountain — Oddly enough, didn’t end up skiing; but enjoyed some hot cocoa by the fire, and admired the surrounding cottages. (below) If you can’t tell by some of my expressions, it was cold! I spent most of my vacation sipping bubbly, taking bubble-baths, and enjoying the company with my partner in crime, Kevin. It was just the trip I needed!

Outfit: Oversized coat: H&M (Sold-out) but this and this are super similar! | Sweater: JCrew (sold-out) I love this one and this one — both on sale | Earmuffs:  here | Boots: here | Sunnies: here



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Happy New Year, babes! As I sit here reflecting on the year, I can’t help but smile. I got invited to host my first event (Thanks Cedar&Rush!) worked with The Every Girl, gave my blog a face-lift & so much more! I have a lot of goals for the new year including:

2015 blogger goals

1. Start 2 websites (yes, 2!) I have a lot up this sleeve of mine….
2. Stop comparing myself to others (I’m still learning!)
3. Stop obsessing over the numbers (Instagram, FB, analytics…)
4. Collab with other bloggers — I need to venture out of my comfort zones and meet people!
5. Spend more time offline, and leave my phone at home.
6. Enjoy more quiet time with just me, myself and I.
7. Do more of what makes me happy, like blogging!
8. Have Heart of Chic featured in print (A dream of mine!)
9. Take up yoga to help organize this mental stress of mine.
10. Spend more time with my family, and friends.
11. Work harder

I am eager, and excited to see what the new year has in store for me. I know it’s cliche, ‘New year, new me’ yada yada… But, it really is an excuse to start anew, and develop fresh habits. What are some of your goals? I’d love to hear! XX

Headband: Under $10 here | Ring: Under $5 here (Gosh, am I a budget buyer, or what?!)  


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Merry Christmas, dolls. Thanks for being part of my journey! XO


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what to wear on christmas
christmas in the country
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Photos: Alyssa Noel Photography

It’s official — 2 more days left at the office, and I’m on vacation! I am so looking forward to family, friends & a trip to Michigan with my man. I am very fortunate to live an hour away from my entire family. I always enjoy getting out of the city for a few days, and soaking up some peace and quiet. I’m blessed to have the ‘best of both worlds‘ because my mom lives in an area with a lot of open land (hence the backdrop). Isn’t it dreamy? I can have the city/country within 45 minutes!

Confession: I spend the entire Christmas day in PJ’s with no makeup, but if I were to have a ‘Christmas outfit’ this would be it! (Hopefully you’re not too jealous?) — The holidays used to be a bit nutty for my family, but in recent years, we decided that simplicity is best due to a series of unfortunate events. I can’t get enough of full skirts — they’re flattering for every figure. I found this red skirt on SheInside for (are you ready for this?) $20 — I’m trying to be smarter with money, and unfortunately, designer duds are on hiatus until further notice.  I think I’m going to be okay, ha!

PS: These photos are part of a dreamy couple shoot — my man will be making his first appearance on the blog this week! Stay tuned! XX

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21 (Similar here) | Skirt: SheInside | Shoes: Old (same pair here) | Ring: Forever 21