blush outerwear

I know I’ve told you before here, but I just love a good coat. I’ve also learned that now is the time to buy, as prices are coming down to make room for spring/summer (yay!). My blush coat is wardrobe favorite, and yes, a repeat offender. (It’s okay to wear the same outfit twice, you know). Stock up on some of your favorites, and treat yourself for saving a few bucks! PS: This blush coat is UNDER $30!!

Photos: Charminly Styled (Thanks, Maya!) XX

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I am all about the pineapple frenzy lately — They look as good as they taste, right? And, let’s be real, everyone loves a tropical moment. (I’m already dreaming of my trip to Arizona next month — definitely packing this in my suitcase). I’ve narrowed down my favorite pineapple clothes, bags, & jewelry, so click below to shop with me! Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite! XX

PS: Thanks for making this roundup a success on Pinterest! Flashback to last year!

1. Tory Burch Keychain
2. Tory Burch Tee
3. MSGM Pineapple Skirt
4. Tai Earrings
5. Alex & Ani Bracelet
6. Pineapple Necklace
7. iPhone Case
8. MSGM Pineapple Dress
9. Tory Burch Pineapple Sandal
10. Pineapple Scarf
11. Lord & Taylor Earrings
12. Koku Clutch
13. Pineapple Lamp
14. Tory Burch Pineapple Purse
15. Pineapple Beach Shirt



I debated writing this post for quite awhile now — Wasn’t sure how to express my thoughts onto a computer screen, but here I go, right? I absolutely love blogging for so many reasons. I think I’m most proud of myself for following through, but more importantly, having the confidence to keep going. Things can get tough out here, and there is a lot of self-comparison in this amazing little world of mine. I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons, and met some undoubtedly inspiring friendships along the way. But, there’s a catch, and a not so pretty behind-the-scenes of fashion blogging (in my world, anyway).

In a large world of size 2 fashion bloggers, and skinny frames, sometimes, it’s tough to stay the course. Yes, I love myself — but, I do fall down. Don’t we all? I mean, outfit posts are some of my favorites, but lately, it’s tough to look at myself, and love what I see. Sometimes, when you’re enlarged on a computer screen, it can be a bit scary, ha! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this side of the job, and I see my body changing on a day-day basis. It can be scary, and overwhelming, and frustrating… It can also be incredibly uplifting, motivating and exciting.

There are days/weeks where I’m just not feeling it, and that’s okay. I love my body, I do — But, it’s easy to get lost in comparison. I guess that’s where I am right now, so, a few little reminders to myself:

  1. Stop comparing yourself, it’s the thief of joy.
  2. Love your curves, and embrace the body you have.
  3. Understand that as you grow older, your body changes.
  4. Surround yourself with amazing people, always. People who not only lift you up, but push you to keep following the course.
  5. Stay confident — the sexiest trait of them all!
  6. Stop worrying about the number of Instagram followers you have, you don’t need a number to validate your success.
  7. Happiest girls are the prettiest girls.