Festival Braids with Sassoon Salon

Hair by: Lauren Shaffer | Sassoon Salon

You know when you’re BFF’s with your hair-stylist, and you’ll literally go anywhere to get that hair-fix?! I honestly look forward to my time in the chair (when I used to absolutely dread it!) Finding a stylist is similar to dating, really. It’s important to find someone you trust, understand & ultimately enjoy being with. They also have to understand your (sometimes) odd requests, and assist you whole-heartedly in the process.




As soon as I stepped into Northbrook’s Sassoon Salon, they not only made me comfortable, but relaxed! Everyone is so welcoming, and warm — the best feeling! Over the weekend, I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Top Stylist, Lauren Shaffer. (You’ll be seeing more of her later this week, so stay tuned). I wanted to create a fun braid for Randolph Street Fest (A fun Chicago street-festival). I conveyed the importance of an ‘attainable’ braid // I wanted my readers (you!) to feel like you could create yourself! How many times have you been on Pinterest looking for a fun hair-style, and thought to yourself, ‘there’s absolutely no way I could create that’? (Totally me!) Look no further! Lauren created something cute, fun & flirty — listening to my requests, and hitting a home-run in the process. We also wanted to create something that was messy-chic, undone & festival ready! You never want to look too ‘put-together‘ when it comes to outdoor street-fests, so this was the perfect look for me. 


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I find it important to let your stylist do the driving. I gave a general direction with the style, but ultimately left it up to Lauren — since she’s the expert. It’s not easy to give up control, but I find that it helps with a happy end-result. Also, it’s important to speak up. Talk together, and work together to achieve what you’re looking for. It’s a win/win! We also had a ton of fun in the process, and already exchanged numbers to hangout in the very near future!

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Try Sassoon for yourself! They have 12 locations in North America (Including Beverly Hills) so you can experience it for yourself! Let them know Arin sent you! xx


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  • Lily

    OMG – I could not be any more obsessed with this!!!! Love. love. LOVE!

  • The Confused Millennial

    Those braids are adorable!

  • mckenna bleu

    Love the braids and the outfit! What a cute look

  • Anna Hubbard

    Love your hair and this outfit! So cute!
    -Anna | http://www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  • Taylor Smith

    I never would have put this together but it is SO CUTE.

  • Taylor Smith

    I never would have put this together but it is SO CUTE.

  • Love that hairstyle! And you’re right – it looks much simpler than some of those Pinterest tutorials. I love it!


    • Thanks, Cristina! Yes, definitely something you can do on your own! (Errr, maybe not so much me!) ha!

  • I love this hairstyle! I wish I was more skilled with doing my own braids, even the simplist ones become difficult for me!

    • I am in the SAME boat! Maybe with some practice, we can create some magic! Thanks for the comment! xx

  • I don’t know what I’m more obsessed with; your hair or that skirt! Amazing look!

  • Michelle mink

    I love the braid look. I almost always have braids in my hair. Also really liking the skirt

  • Hannah Madison

    Oh my gosh!! Love that hair!! You go girl 🙂


    Hannah from HMS Jewels


  • Audrey Stowe

    your hair is so so cute!!! and totally rocking that fringe skirt!

  • M Q

    Such a cute braid. Perfect hairdo for the summer!


  • Such a perfect festival look!

  • I love your braids! Do you always do your own hair?

  • I love braids! These are so cute!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  • That is such a cute braid, I love the sort of halo effect it has! I still haven’t found the right hairstylist and I dread getting my hair done because I have yet to find someone I love. Hopefully I will find them soon!

    La Belle Sirene

  • Love this whole look, especially the braids! Gorgeous

  • LOVE the edginess of this outfit. The fringe is so so cute. Xoxo Mindy

  • Holy moly I am LOVING your hair!
    XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com

  • ahh I love your braid! this is the perfect festival look!


  • Your braids are so cool! I absolutely love them!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • Love your hair and your outfit!

  • In love with this braided look!

  • In love with this braided look!